He is a full professor at the Pharmaceutical Chemistry Dept., Faculty of Pharmacy in Ankara University since 1993 and had been in charge as the Head of the Pharmaceutical Chemistry Dept. between the years 2002-2005. He is the founder and the former president of the Computer Aided Drug Design & Development (CADD) Society in Turkey. He also executed the Presidency of the Asian Federation for Medicinal Chemistry (AFMC) between the years 2006-2008. He is consulting the President of the Ankara University on the field of scientific research projects and chairing the Scientific Research Project Office of Ankara University since September 2008. He has more than 50 scientific papers published in the international journals. He has been conducting several international projects. His interest of research area is synthesis and structure elucidation of chemotherapeutically active (antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and/or antitumoral) novel fused heterocyclic agents and computational drug design methods such as QSAR/molecular modelling.

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